John Hardman – To the Captains Aid; Blessings Deferred

11802747_10153306079329230_7422429101336750943_oDuring the industrial revolution, John Hardman, my 3rd great uncle was a young working class mechanic in Manchester, England. Shortly after his father’s death, when apostles came, he recognized the truth, and joined the Latter-day Saints. But false notions and traditions caused him to stumble as a new member. He could have given up but his leader, William Clayton, counselled with him. He was called as a Deacon and Branch clerk. Accepting the prophet’s call, John and Mary set sights to Zion. On the ship Sheffield, mutiny threatened and John and others rallied to the captain’s aid, resolving the conflict, growing in character. They crossed the Atlantic, into the gulf, up the Mississippi, and on to Nauvoo. He worked hard, listened to prophets, was baptized in the river for his father, had a son, and built a home just blocks from the rising Nauvoo Temple. John and Mary were sealed in the House of the Lord; but, mobs raged and took his prophet; illness struck and took his mother and son; hatred swelled and drowned his brother on the Mississippi; suspicion grew and drove out the saints. With little means, John and family went south, to St. Louis. As a Missouri river merchant he equipped saints going west and assisted missionaries going east. A Patriarch promised great posterity, but it wasn’t to be; not in this life. John contracted cholera, and died in St. Louis, his blessings deferred. For now, he was God’s instrument in helping others to Zion. #AncestorClips

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