Glenn Hardman – Far apart, yet closer and closer

1951 GlennWritingLetterfromWarAdjustedSeven years before I was born, in the fall of 1951, the war raged on in Korea. My dad wrote his Sunday letter to mom in California. During the pain of lengthy separation, they grew closer as their heart-felt letters crossed the Pacific. “I enjoyed church this morning,” dad wrote, “mostly I think because I attended the first… meeting since I have been over here. I can’t express in words how wonderful it made me feel. My heart is overflowing with wondrous and glorious thoughts.” As a son, what greater example could I have from my then 23-year-old father? It was during a time of unexpected trial, potential death, that my mom and dad looked to a hopeful future and made plans for a family. They have now passed. Their happy posterity grows as they planned. If they can endure, I can endure; if they can do hard things, I can do hard things. (by Kenneth R. Hardman) #ancestorclips

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3 Responses to Glenn Hardman – Far apart, yet closer and closer

  1. Susan Hardman says:

    I love Ancestor Clips!

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