Jacob Hardman – Horses and Homesteads

JacobHardmanFamilyPortraitDon’t ever tell Jacob Hardman that he couldn’t ride a horse. He was once bet $25.00 that he couldn’t ride a tortured big black mean one, but he did. He bred and broke horses, ran cattle, herded sheep, and hauled granite to the Salt Lake Temple. When he learned of free land and homesteads up in Canada, he transported family and belongings, and settled on 300 acres of hay and 80 acres of grain, raised potatoes, pigs and chickens, hunted goose and dear, and caught fish by drilling holes in the ice. While in Canada, gas lamps and coal stoves were replaced with natural gas. In the winter, they rode sleds, skated and danced. One Sunday father and son went to see if the grain was ready to cut. It was, so they pulled the binders out at one o’clock but at three-thirty, the hailstorm hit. It took all but about ¾ of an acre, so bare there wasn’t any straw left. After 3 years of hail, people begging them to stay, offering deals, but he hauled his family back to Utah for a job promised by his uncle, a contract with the Salt Works. On the way, Jacob and Charlotte in the Model T, the boys driving the teams, a train came through the tunnel, no whistle, shooting right between the two teams. The little black team which son Leonard was driving swung a bit and just sat there and held. The Lord was watching out for this family. On arrival in Utah, Jacob’s uncle died so the contract at the Salt Works fell through; no work. Jacob didn’t have much, but he had his family, his horses and his equipment, and took work hauling the gravel and cement for the Magna to Garfield road and worked ten acres of hay. Eleven months after their return, while making a hayrack, Jacob broke his ulcer. After an operation, gangrene set in. As the family rushed to the hospital to bit him farewell, the Model T frosted up Sid swung the car around and the family just missed a streetcar. Jacob’s last words to Charlotte, Sid, Ethel, Marie and Leonard were, “Take care of your mother and the kids.” (Ref. “Jacob and Charlotte Hannah Dearden Hardman by Sidney Lehi Hardman) https://familysearch.org/photos/documents/3489120 #AncestorClips

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