Andrew and Anna Maria Peterson – Frock of Flowers, Nothing too good for Grandma

petersonandrewanna“Grandfather always had such lovely flowers. He took great pains with them and spent many hours in caring for them. One summer afternoon, the flowers were a riot of color and bloom. As I ran into grandma’s house, I noticed how beautiful they were. Grandfather and Grandmother were both inside. I said hello and stayed just a minute or two. Then, out I flitted to explore the yard. I again saw the flowers and the idea struck me that it would be a fine thing to get some flowers for Grandma. I wore a frock with a full gathered skirt. I pulled this up and used it for a basket, just letting myself go here and there, any place that I could see an unusually large or beautiful bloom or bright color, I picked it. Nothing could be too good for Grandma. Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 8.46.21 PMThen I went in. Grandfather met me first. His eyes sort of dilated. He could not believe what he saw. Most of his beautiful flowers in my one little dress. He put his hand on my head and said, “My girl, my girl.” His tone was not cross, but I knew that I had greatly displeased him. With spirits drooping, tears in my eyes, and with quivering lips, I went over to Grandmother and said, “I picked them for you, Grandma.” She patted me and said, “Of course you did, aren’t they lovely?” Her manner was so kind and reassuring that it made me forget that it was so bad.”

MaryElizabethLoseeOlsen(by Mary Elizabeth Losee Olsen, about her grandparents, Andrew and Anna Maria Peterson, excerpt from The Losee Family History – Ancestors and Descendants of Lyman Peter Losee and Mary Ann Peterson, Ferril Losee and others, 2000. Illustration by descendants.) #AncestorClips

About Kenneth Richard Hardman

AncestorClips are very short stories about very real people. Each clip nurtures awareness of a time, a place, and the character of a man or woman who cultivated a path for our life. The reader feels the good, the obstacles, the happiness, the sadness, and the overcoming. They cheer us, make us resilient when challenged, give us purpose, and connect us to our multi-generational family. Each story is followed by reflections from the author and readers sharing how the story strengthened or inspired them. Ken Hardman is a son, a brother, a grandson, a great-grandson… He is also a husband, father and grand-father. Ken is a professional engineer, engineering mentor, technical writer, and associate technical fellow at a major aerospace company. He is a writer of engineering and family history stories. Please join Ken in reading, reflecting upon, or writing #AncestorClips
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