Sidney Lehi Hardman – Tougher than Stitches

SidneyLehiHardmanTeenIn about 1918, teen-age Sid had an appendix attack while throwing hay to the animals. They drained so much pus, the doctor said, “Sid, they couldn’t kill you with an axe.” Later he had a double hernia, and kept on working. When his father died, Sid helped provide for the family by contracting his team of horses to haul material for the Magna mill. The superintendent said, “Sid, I want you to sell your teams and come and work at the mill.” Sid replied, “I can’t,” stating that he had a double hernia and no money for an operation. They persisted so he turned his team over and had the operation. After 30 days he went to work but somebody dropped a half-inch rod behind him, he stepped on it, rolled, and tore his side open. “Doctor, what kind of hitch are you going to put on it this time?” The reply? “I’ll fix one so you won’t tear it loose.” With a spinal, Sid talked through the operation hearing the doctor cut threads and such. Afterwards the doctor prescribed, “Just rant around.” “Okay,” Sid said, “you guarantee your job this time?” “You bet,” the doctor insisted. “You can’t tear it.” And he never did. Sid worked at the Magna mill from 1926 to 1945. (by Kenneth R. Hardman. Based on excerpts from Sidney Lehi Hardman & Myrtle Emily Elton: Their Life, Their Love and Their Family, 1900-1991 compiled by Dorothy Hardman. Photo from family files) #AncestorClips

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