Lehi Nephi Hardman – A Skillet and a brown-eyed Lass

LehiNephiFrancisHardman“It was a cold, frosty morning; a barefooted boy, with a skillet in his hands, knocked at the Coons’ door. Grandmother Coon opened their door to stare at the thin, sparsely clad lad. Father stated his errand and she drew him inside. All of the boys and girls of that family slept in the attic, as there was only one large room and an attic for the house at that time. Down the ladder they came to see the stranger, boys and girls in their nightclothes. One, a brown-eyed lass with long dark braids, stared into the soft blue eyes of the black/curly-headed stranger. How often I have heard my father say to my mother, later: ‘When I first saw you, my dear, you were in your nightgown.’ My father met my mother in the fall of 1842, when he was eleven.” (by Amelia Hardman Sadler, daughter of Lehi Nephi and Francis Coon, as included in Goble’s, Heritage of the Coon Family, adapted from family records in Hardman Biographies – Ancestors of Sidney Glenn Hardman and Dorothy Mae Griffin, 2009. Photo from family archives) #AncestorClips

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