John Griffin – Frontiersman

JohnGriffinAge30In 1876, on a trip to Florence Nebraska to bring goods back to Salt Lake City, my great-great-grandfather John Griffin and east-bound company attempted to get west-bound pioneers, goods, and oxen across the Green River in Wyoming. Due to storm and wind, the oxen resisted swimming across, moved around in a circle, generated a whirlpool, and caused three oxen to drown. Attempting to yoke the remaining oxen and ferry them across, John and other men retrieved chains from the west side of the river and hurried back to the ferry. John was prompted that he should not go on the ferry and held back. That ferry turned over and three passengers drowned. This was one of many trips east, to get supplies, serve a mission, and help immigrants coming west. I’m grateful for John’s never ending service and attention to divine feelings. He is a great example to his very large posterity.

(Based on writings of Lillian Sarah Jacoby about 1920, compiled in Hardman Biographies – Ancestors of Sidney Glenn Hardman and Dorothy Mae Griffin, 2009. Photo from contributed by Marian Shipley) #AncestorClips

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