Charlotte Hannah Dearden – Hard Work, Love, and Smile

CharlotteHannahDeardenHardmanIn 1924, eleven months after returning to Utah from difficult homesteading in Canada, my great-grandmother Charlotte Hannah Dearden Hardman was widowed with eight children when her hard working husband died of a broken ulcer. They had previously lost and buried two children in Utah, and two more in Canada. As he died, Jacob’s last words to his older children were, “take care of your mother and the kids.” Charlotte was a strong lady, a hard worker, and taught her children to be obedient. While her sons took care of many things, Charlotte and the girls took care of the home and the furnaces at the local Seminary. Charlotte outlived her husband by forty-one years, having supported her eight children in special events. She cared for her home and family until 1965. My heart is touched by her smile, her love, and her faithfulness to her family and the character she passed on to her children, and to her posterity.


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